Carol Beaird Wolfe

Carol Beaird Wolfe was the daughter of a single mother who gave her up for adoption as a baby. She was adopted by a loving family and quickly became her father’s greatest treasure. Unfortunately, Carol lost her father at a young age. This prompted her to reach out to her biological family in hopes of reestablishing a connection with them. While she was met with some love, there was an overwhelming amount of rejection forced upon her. A crushing blow, she never quite recovered from the trauma of that rejection and adversity became her constant companion for many years.

Despite having her own mental health struggles, Carol grew into a beautiful and graceful soul. She turned the pain she had endured into creative power and became a gifted decorator, designer and gardener. She loved to entertain and play bridge. Her sarcasm and wit were absolutely delightful. She was a gifted confidant, counselor and nurse to anyone who needed her. She was generous and a fierce defender of all that she loved.

Carol found much joy in exploring her feelings and thoughts and motivations and helping others do the same. Though she never got the chance to pursue it, mental health care was a passion that she would have easily excelled at. She had a gift for helping others love and accept themselves. She was the quintessential encourager!

The Carol Wolfe Foundation eagerly accepts the call to further Carol’s gift to reach out to the hurting world around us. Our desire is to make mental health care more accessible in rural West Texas. We seek to educate and equip individuals in a more economical and convenient manner so they can serve others just as our namesake did.