In How Childhood Trauma is Different from PTSD, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, shares 3 ways childhood trauma can affect a person differently than what we see in adults with PTSD. Trauma at an early age can impact the development of a person and create specific challenges in 3 areas of their life. Dr. van der Kolk will look at how trauma can change the brain and how it can leave a person more susceptible to drug and alcohol use, eating disorders and self-harm when they become adults. He’ll start by looking at the way a person with a traumatic history focuses their attention. He’ll underline this with an insight on how the traumatized brain handles triggering stimuli. He’ll then turn to emotions and how trauma impacts the way a person deals with the emotions they feel in everyday life. In the final part of this look at the treatment of trauma, Dr. van der Kolk will share how childhood experiences can interfere with a person’s relationships. He’ll list two polar-opposite personality types that can form by way of early trauma. Each of these personalities can affect the building of healthy relationships.